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What is Geedesk?

Geedesk is an intelligent web-based complaint and request management software for hotels and resorts.

The first version of Geedesk was launched in March 2017 and we implemented it first in our founder's relative's hotel in Bangalore. Since then Geedesk has been successfully deployed in close to 100 hotels worldwide.

The name "Geedesk" is a play word around Guest Desk.

How it all started?

The original idea for Geedesk was inspired by a problem that we faced in hotels during our business trips. There was no consistency in the service that was offered to us. We wondered and asked around. To our surprise we figured out that the entire process of managing guest complaints and requests was completely manual.

More than that in some cases it was partially automated. This was a even bigger problem where instead of serving the customer efficiently employees ended up blaming each other.

In our opinion that was a serious problem and we set out to build Geedesk.

Why hotels love Geedesk?

  • Geedesk helps hotels keep their guests happy by offering them a consistent service.

  • Guest complaints and requests are no longer orphan and have a owner and escalation matrix. This enforces responsibility and accountability among workforce.

  • Property dashboard helps owners and senior management to keep track of the workforce performance and guest satisfaction in all their properties on a single dashboard.

  • Geedesk's built-in review monitoring tool helps hotels keep a track on what their guests are talking about on the internet. This helps them to compare and analyse guest experience and map it to the review on the internet.

To know more about how Geedesk can help your hotel, please check out our features section.

You can read our case studies for more details. The testimonials section will help you find out what hotels say about Geedesk.

Who are we?

We are a small group of dedicated folks who have set out to disrupt the hospitality industry with a single motto which is to "help hotels keep their guests happy and retain more loyal customers".

We are headquartered in Los Gatos, California

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We have our offices in Los Gatos (USA), Chennai (India), Auckland (New Zealand).



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