Glitches in Geedesk

Glitches allows hotels to track and investigate issues that has inconvenienced the guests.

Its allows hotels to record, track and investigate service related issues that has inconvenienced the guests while the guest is still in the hotel. This greatly increases guest satisfaction and also acts as a strong deterance against negative reviews online.

custom escalation policies in Geedesk

Guest Upset Alert

When the guest informs the hotel about an issue or the hotel employees identify an upset guest, they can raise guest upset alert.

When a guest upset alert is created, all the managers and the GM are alerted about the same through sms and email.

This helps the right person to intervene and address the guest issue and pacify the upset guest.

Record Analysis

Update and record all analysis of the incident for future reference.

geedesk escalation policy
geedesk escalation policy alerts

360° Report

View and download reports on the guest upset incidents.

Reports in glitches helps in identifying pain points like, employee associated with most guest upset incidents, departments responsible for guest upset incidents etc.