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Geedesk for hotels and resorts

The problem

For quite sometime hotels have been using various pieces of software including a hotel or property management software, point of sales software and billing software. Hotels have invested in software to solve the problems around guest check-ins, check-out and guest survey at the time of guest checkout. However on the contrary the emphasis should be on monitoring how our guests are being treated while they are inside our property. Most of the times hotels have kept this one necessity entirely manual.

The manual process is highly inefficient and not scalable and hence the answer to million dollar question, on what is happening with our "GUESTS" while they are inside the property remains a mystery. This leads to negative answers in the checkout survey and a negative review on the internet for the world to see. In this scenario the checkout survey form is useless because the damage is already done. We have no idea how our guest was served while he was inside the property.

The solution

This is where Geedesk comes into picture. With Geedesk you can automate the process of guest complaints This means our customers do not have to purchase expensive hardware and software licences to start using Geedesk. Its as easy as logging into your facebook account.

Cloud Infrastructure

Software in a Browser

Geedesk can be accessed from any device with just a browser. You do not have to install any additional software or plugin.

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Convert insights into actionable items personaly connect with customers AI powered platform that empower agents and managers connect with customers from any device anywhere find solutions faster with geedesk's automated workflow increase satisfied guests and increase repeat guests 360 degree view empowers everyone to know more about the operations in the property than the guest and find out any delays or descrepencies even before the guest gets affected Integration with HMS or PMS plugin apps from the geedesk app exchange receive all updates and enhancements in the future