Geedesk for small hotels

With too much competition in the small to medium hotels segment, it is important for small hotel owners to offer their guests a great experience consistently.

Implementing a bloated enterprise software can be an overkill and will negatively impact the bottom line.

We solve this chicken and egg situation with Geedesk Basic which has the exact features that a small hotel will need to offer a world class experience to their guests.

managing guest complaints and requests on Geedesk

Managing Guest Requests

When the front office or the housekeeping operator receives a call from the guest he / she registers the same in Geedesk. This helps organisations to keep a track on all the guest complaints or requests.

- Understand the trends and the pattern of the complaints and requests
- All complaints and requests are time bound by custom service level agreements

Automatic Assignment of Request & Complaints

Geedesk automates the process of assigning the requests or complains to the respective department or service staffs.

This reduces the need for any kind of manual intervention and thus drastically increases the efficiency of the customer support team and service staff.

automatic ticket assignment in geedesk
Escalation policies in Geedesk

Escalation Policies

Escalating delaying operational requests is a critical piece in offering a great experience to the guests

Escalation policies in Geedesk can be configured by hoteliers to suit their operations and requirements.


With Geedesk you can now generate robust enterprise grade reporting and enable your team for proactive operational decision-making.

360 degree reports in Geedesk
usage metrics in geedesk

Usage Metrics

Small hoteliers need to ensure that they are getting the best ROI from their software investments.

Usage metrics in Geedesk will help you in understanding how effectively the team is using Geedesk.