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Automate Your Complaint Management In Record Time

This is how your guest complaints and requests look in Geedesk. Color coding, intutive dashboard and 360 degree overview make complaint management and monitoring a breeze.

geedesk dashboard

Reports You Can Rely On

With insights (reports) you can now understand the current guest trends in your property. This will empower you to stage an intervention as and when required.

geedesk dashboard

Why Geedesk?

  •   Automated Workflow - Once the ticket is created the geedesk automode takes care of assigning the tickets to the the available technician.
  •   Work with SMS - Employees can manage & interact with the software with just plain SMS.
  •   Intelligent Insights - Our modeling system helps in easily categorizing guest complaints, feedback & reviews. This is very important for intervention, improvements & predictive maintenance.
  •   In-depth Analysis - Analysis & strong reporting module helps in analyzing the efficiency of complaint management in addition to guest satisfaction.
  •   Internet of Things - Integrated device with custom software makes it easy for the guests to raise a complaint or report an issue with just a single touch.

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