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What is Geedesk?

Geedesk is a cloud based guest complaint and request management software. It helps hotels manage their guest complaints and requests effectively.

What Problem does Geedesk Solve?

SLOW SERVICE and INCONSISTENT SERVICE are the two main reasons your guests leave negative reviews about your hotel.

Both these issues could be sorted out if hotels use a complaint and request management software aka service optimization software, like Geedesk.

Geedesk is a cloud-based, service optimization software that has empowered 100+ hotels to service their guests consistently as per their brand standards.

Why Hotels Should Use Geedesk

Auto Assign Guest Calls

Assign guest complaints & requests are automatically to the right person in the right department.

Escalate Delayed Calls

Any delay in resolving guest tickets will be escalated to the right stakeholders. Geedesk has multiple levels of escalation.

SMS Based Workflow

We understand that hotel staff are not allowed to use smartphones. Hence Geedeesk can work with just SMS.

100% On The Cloud

Geedesk is built on the cloud. This means that hotels do not have to spend money on buying expensive hardware or software.


Geedesk provides a robust 360 degree report to enable effective monitoring and decision making.

Voice Concierge

Redefine your guest experience by offering your guests an in room voice concierge (amazon alexa) in the room.

Property Dashboard

Monitor the operational performance of all your hotels on a single dashboard, apt for hotels with properties in multiple locations.


Additional business applications like managing maintenance, housekeeping, lost & found etc.

No Hidden Charges

No hidden charges whatsoever, other than the ones mentioned in the pricing page. There is also a 15 day free trial.



  • Automated Workflow

    Once the ticket is created the geedesk automode takes care of assigning the tickets to the the available technician.

  • Intelligent Insights

    Our modeling system helps in easily categorizing guest complaints, feedback & reviews. This is very important for intervention, improvements & predictive maintenance.

  • In-depth Analysis

    Analysis & strong reporting module helps in analyzing the efficiency of complaint management in addition to guest satisfaction.

  • Supervisor Alert

    Geedesk enables supervisors to set alerts matching self defined conditions. This ensures that supervisors can stay informed on the current scenario or intervene as and when required.

  • Integrations with HMS/PMS

    Geedesk integrates with your hotel or property management software to map complaints with guest. Geedesk also provides you analysis based on guest preference when a complaint or request is raised.

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