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The First Defence Against Negative Reviews

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What is Geedesk?

Geedesk is web-based guest request and complaint management software for hotels and resorts.

Our Key Features

Manage Guest Complaints

Create, manage and track all guest complaints and requests

Property Dashboard

View the performance of one or multiple properties in a single dashboard

Escalation Policies

Raise alerts if tickets are not resolved within the defined time frame

Supervisor Alerts

Managers & supervisors can set condition based alerts to be notified of any unexpected trends in the property


Create and track employee shift plan inside Geedesk

Intelligent Insights

Insights helps you to track ticket flow, employee & department performance & current guest trends in the property


Why Should You Choose Us?

  • Automated Workflow

    Once the ticket is created the geedesk automode takes care of assigning the tickets to the the available technician.

  • Intelligent Insights

    Our modeling system helps in easily categorizing guest complaints, feedback & reviews. This is very important for intervention, improvements & predictive maintenance.

  • In-depth Analysis

    Analysis & strong reporting module helps in analyzing the efficiency of complaint management in addition to guest satisfaction.

  • Supervisor Alert

    Geedesk enables supervisors to set alerts matching self defined conditions. This ensures that supervisors can stay informed on the current scenario or intervene as and when required.

  • Integrations with HMS/PMS

    Geedesk integrates with your hotel or property management software to map complaints with guest. Geedesk also provides you analysis based on guest preference when a complaint or request is raised.

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