Everything you need to keep your guests happy

geedesk is cloud based software

100% on the Cloud

Geedesk is 100% on the cloud. This means that hotels do not have to setup expensive servers, purchase software licences etc to start using Geedesk.

It works right inside the browser and can be accessed from any device.

Automatic Assignment of Request & Complaints

Geedesk automates the process of assigning the requests or complains to the respective department or service staffs.

This reduces the need for any kind of manual intervention and thus drastically increases the efficiency of the customer support team and service staff.

Geedesk Automatic Guest Call Assignment
Geedesk Escalation Policies

Escalation Policies

Escalation policies are very critical in enforcing brand standards in resolving guest complaints and requests.

With Geedesk hotels can create unlimited escalation policies to escalate both open and onhold guest calls or tickets.

VIP and VVIP Alerts

The VIP and VVIP alerts in Geedesk help the frontoffice to notify the hotel staff about a VIP guest checking into the property. This ensure that the VIP guest is given a special attention.

In addition to VIP and VVIP alerts the frontoffice can also send handle with care (HWC) alerts.

geedesk vip vvip alerts
geedesk reports


Geedesk has a detailed reports module that provides a 360 degree view on data points like staff performance, the level of guest satisfaction, number of escalated tickets, end of the day report etc.

This empowers the managers and the general manager to perform a detailed analysis to improve guest satisfaction continously.


Geedesk can be integrated with any third party applications like the property management software or an in-room guest concierge system.

The detailed list of existing integration is available in the integrations section.

In addition to that we also build new APIs based on our customer requirements.

geedesk integration apis
geedesk sms based workflow

SMS Based Workflow

Geedesk supports a complete sms workflow which allows staff to resolve tickets via sms in addition to receiving guest complaints and requests assigned to them.

This means that the hotel staff can use their regular shift phones to work wwith Geedesk. Yes smartphones are not mandatory!

Scheduling Tickets

In Geedesk staff can schedule guest requests and other requirements well in advance and Geedesk assigns these calls to the right person at the right time.

For example, if the guest informs that he wants a wake up call and a cup of coffee the next day at 6:00 AM then the same can be scheduled in Geedesk and Geedesk will assign the ticket at the right time to the staff on duty at the time.

geedesk scheduling tickets
easy ticket management

Easy Ticket Management

Geedesk has a complete web based interface and an intuitive user experience which empowers desk staff to manage and monitor the infllow of guest requests and complaints.

No additional hardware or special equipment is required to use Geedesk. All that's required is a computer with browser an internet connection.

Rule Engine

Hotels have some unique business requirements. Geedesk accomodates these requirements and allows for easy customisations via a in-built rule engine.

The rule engine has 10+ parameters which can be modified by hotels to suit their business use case or requirement.

geedesk rule engine
general manager and manager dashboard

General Manager & Manager Dashboards

The GM dashboard and the manager dashboard is a live dashboard that allows managers to keep a track of all the guest calls on a single screen.

The GM dashboard is the dashboard for the entire hotel and is accessible to the General Manager.

On the other hand The Manager dashboard is for the managers of respective departmments.

Property Dashboard

Property Dashboard offers a 360° view of the guest complaints and requests the effectiveness with which they have been resolved.

With property dashboard can be connected to one or more than one hotels to display the collective data. Users can see the data of all the hotels or filter it down to any one property.

This comes in handy for group hotels where the corporate teams can use property dashboard to track the performance of every hotel with respect to guest servicing.

geedesk property dashboard
geedesk add-ons


Add-ons are custom built software applications built on the Geedesk platform for various customer requirements. All the add-ons are web based applications.

Some of the add-ons that we have built include,
Geedesk Messenger, used to send important notifications & announcements to the entire staff
Geedesk Housekeeping, a software to manage checklist for the housekeeping team to clean the dirty rooms.
Geedesk Maintenance, a software for the maintenance team to record, track and manage all the maintenance activities.
Glitches, an application to track, address & manage upset guests or any other unresolved complaints that have been escalated to the top level.
Lost & found, an application to track and managed the items lost or misplaced by the guests in the property.

Mobile Accessibility

Geedesk can be accessed from any device and from any location.

Geedesk has apps for both Android and iOS devices which can be downloaded from the respective app stores.

Hotels can use both the sms workflow and the mobile apps simultaneously.

geedesk mobile apps