Geedesk vs Knowcross Triton

Geedesk vs Knowcross Triton

If you are using Knowcross Triton in your hotel or looking to migrate away from Knowcross Triton then Geedesk is the best option. It has all the features that you are accustomed to in Knowcross Triton.

Highlighted features

The chart below compares Geedesk against Knowcross's features and capabilities. It will give you insights on how Geedesk is a better solution than Knowcross Triton.



Knowcross Triton

100% on the Cloud
Built-in SMS and Email Gateway
Built-in WhatsApp Gateway
APIs for Integration
Escalation Policy for OnHold Tickets
Rule Engine
Integrated Artificial Intelligence
Oracle Opera Integration
Advanced Reporting
Realtime Guest Service Audit
Advanced Guest Profiles
Automatic Attendance
Connecting Tickets
VIP Guest Alert
Guest Self Service App (PWA)
Property Dashboard
iOS and Android Apps

If you want to try out Geedesk or want to know you can get in touch with us by hitting the Request Demo button below.