How hotels manage guest complaints & requests?

How hotels manage guest complaints & requests?

managing guest complaints and requests in hotel

The Process

During the stay an average guest could call for various requests and complaints multiple times.

Managing these guest complaints and requests is crucial in ensuring a great service to the guests.

Hotels have their own strategies in place to deal with the guest complaints and requests.

Predominantly guests make a phone call through the intercom to the respective departments to raise their complaints or to place a request.

The operator who picks up the call maintains a logbook and manually records each inbound call from the guests.

After hanging up the guest call this operator now dials the respective department and passes on the details of the guest call to them.

For example, if the guest has made a call and complained that he was not able to connect to the wifi, then the operator calls the IT department to pass on the request.

Once the department receives the details of the guest call, they in turn pass on the details to the employee available in the shift. This employee is often notified either through a walky-talky or by a call to his cell phone.

Now he has information like the room the guest is staying and the complaint or request that should be addressed.

The employee goes to the room and fixes the issue that the guest was facing or provides the service that the guest requested for and informs the department that the guest call has been addressed.

In some hotels we have seen that the department in turn calls the operator who in the first received the guest call and update them on the status of the guest call (depending on the hotel’s standard operating procedure).

Now the operator calls the guest and checks if they are satisfied with the service and records the same in the log book (this too greatly depends on the hotel’s standard operating procedure).


This is a manual process and a lot of hotels follow this.

There are also some instances were hotels do not maintain a call log book and instead transfer the call to the respective departments.