How Geedesk Works?

How Geedesk Works?

Geedesk is a guest complaint and request management software that is built on the cloud.

It does not require any additional hard or software to function. It just works out of the box.

  • Document Guest Complaints & Requests
  • Automated Ticket Assignment
  • SMS Based Alerts
  • Detailed Reports
  • Intelligent Analytics powered by Artificial Intelligence
  • Document Guest Complaints And Requests

    When a guest makes a request or raises a complaint it is created as a ticket in Geedesk.

    This helps in generating reports for analysing the problems guest face in the property.

    manage guest complaints and requests in geedesk

  • Automated Ticket Assignment

    Once the guest complaint or request is created as a ticket in Geedesk, it gets automatically assigned to the right employee in the right department.

    This negates the need to manually assign the ticket, which can be a painful and tedious process.

    Automatic Ticket Assignment in Geedesk

  • SMS Based Alerts

    Smartphones are not mandatory to use Geedesk. A simple feature phone is more than enough.

    Geedesk assigns notifies the employee to whom the ticket is assigned through sms and the employee can resolve or update the ticket via sms.

    mobile workflow in geedesk

  • Detailed Reports

    Geedesk offers a 360 degree report to analyse and understand guest complaint and request pattern. This helps in scheduling preventive maintenance and better preparedness during peak seasons.

    detailed reports in geedesk

  • Intelligent Analytics & Insights powered by Artificial Intelligence

    Intelligent analytics and insights help you understand the guest complaints and requests in your property.

    Geedesk is integrated with OpenAI that powers ChatGPT. Managers can now get their questions answered on important metrics and other guest related complaints from the built-in AI bot.

    intelligent insights in geedesk powered by openai