Escalation Policies

What's an Escalation Policy?

Things might get chaotic and overwhelming with too many tickets (complaints & requests) flowing in from the guests and this could create a huge probabbility that the employees might forget or unknowingly miss certain tickets from attending to. This is where the escalation policies come into picture.

Escalation policies in Geedesk notify the respective managers and stakeholders at the right time when an intervention is required. The timely intervention and monitoring due to the escalation alerts from Geedesk helps in offering a consistent service to the guests. Hotels can create their own escalation policies through a simple web interface in Geedesk.

custom escalation policies in Geedesk

Escalation Policy in Geedesk

Escalation policies in Geedesk are powered by a robust custom built platform powered by our 100% cloud architecture. Setting up escalation policies is as simple as using an appliance. Its easy to configure and moddify.

The escalation policy allows you to breakdown the guest complaints into multiple categories and priorities. This enables hotels have different escalation settings for tickets with different priorities. For easy identification escalated tickets in Geedesk change to red color.

geedesk escalation policy
geedesk escalation policy alerts

Geedesk offers four levels of escalation. Each level can have multiple managers or stakeholders who can be notified when a ticket gets escalated according to the defined escalation policy.